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Teen Challenge Ranch of Northwest Arkansas

Locations: P.O. Box 20, Morrow, AR
Phone: (888)289-6818

Mission:  Changing lives through Christ

About:  Teen Challenge Ranch of NW Arkansas is dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. Boys ages 14-17 come to Teen Challenge from across the United States. They are young men in need of help and assistance. They often struggle with issues such as: drug and alcohol abuse, anger and depression, legal problems, and behavioral problems. At Teen Challenge, we offer students hope and the chance for a new life. We encourage them to apply faith-based solutions to life’s problems, and we actively teach that a personal relationship with God is the primary means and source of power to change. We endeavor to help young people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Programs: Teen Challenge values education and sees academic success as a key to long-term life success. We take a very disciplined and structured approach to learning and have been very successful in helping students get back on track with their education.

Fully Accredited Classes – Students may continue their progress toward a high school diploma by taking fully accredited classes at our private Christian School. Teens may also work directly with the GED coordinator to develop an individually tailored study and preparation plan. To date, all of the students who have successfully completed our GED preparation classes have obtained their GED on the first testing.

Adventure-Based Learning – Our outdoor adventure program is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Our students have a regular opportunity to experience fun and challenging outdoor activities. Students are challenged physically and learn the importance of goals and perseverance. They develop better communication skills and improve their ability to work cooperatively with others.

Recreational Program – Students at Teen Challenge take part in many different kinds of recreational activities such as going to concerts, conferences, theme parks, rock climbing, bowling, ice skating, and many other activities.

Volunteer Opportunities:  The need for volunteers at Teen Challenge is ongoing.

Maintenance – We are always looking for people who are willing to upkeep the grounds and buildings of Teen Challenge.  This year we are kicking off a building program to build a new chapel plus office space so that we may expand our current office spaces into more dorm rooms. We would love the extra hands to help us finish this process.

Miscellaneous – We are looking for individuals that are willing to do miscellaneous tasks such as giving haircuts to the boys, cooking meals for the boys on weekends, and giving donations in money or material objects. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Angela Clyne at 888-289-6818.

Donate- You can give online on their website.