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CARE Community Center, Inc.

Locations: 2510 N 17th Street, Suite 203 Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: 479-246-0104

Mission:  To empower our neighbors with resources and education leading to personal and family sustainability.

Vision:  To accomplish this mission through:
Relationships- Empowering our neighbors with authentic relationships, partnerships and mentoring.
Community Investment- Connecting and investing our neighbors into the overall well-being of the community they inhabit.
Aid- Providing our neighbors with the tools they need to overcome poverty, to gain and maintain self-sufficiency.
Transformation- Assisting our neighbors to grow from living in crisis to living in wholeness with dignity.

About:  CARE Community Center, Inc. was founded by Kimberly Porter in June of 2013. Kimberly serves as Executive Director and answers to a Board of Directors made up of people who are deeply invested in the roots of Northwest Arkansas. CARE was created in response to a need in our community for assistance that goes beyond being a “band aid” to creating real transformation in the lives of those considered the “working poor.” Although we do provide emergency food assistance, the brunt of our programming is geared toward forming ongoing relationships and continuous educational opportunities to help our neighbors to succeed in living a sustainable life.

Services:  Our program is 4-fold:
The Job Market- Focuses on an evaluation of our neighbors’ skills related to his or her marketability and/or knowledge of appropriateness in a workplace environment. The goal of this program is to empower our neighbors with the tools and skills necessary to gain and maintain living wage employment with emphasis on Employability Services and Computer Skills.

The Neighbor Network- A holistic approach to providing our neighbors with resources and education that aids them in their transition from living in crisis to living in wholeness and dignity. Services include workshops in financial literacy and life skills training coupled with case management and support services.

The Root Cellar- Serves those in need of food assistance and nutrition education. The goal of this program is to provide emergency food assistance to neighbors facing food insecurity as a barrier to self-sufficiency. As part of this effort we will provide our neighbors the opportunity to participate in nutrition education workshops that teach cooking skills, meal planning, as well as shopping and preparing healthy meals on a budget.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) -is provided to our neighbors via free tax preparation and financial literacy. This program is operated by certified volunteers and allows our neighbors the opportunity to file and direct deposit their refund for free and ensure proper tax credits are utilized.

Volunteer Opportunities:  We have many volunteer opportunities which are listed on our website here:

We also appreciate monetary donations which can be made here: