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Faith Refresh The Really Real Podcast

It’s become trendy to deconstruct your faith, but where do turn after you’ve torn things down to the foundation? Justin is a former pastor and current chaplain, while Ansen is a former radio host and... current radio host. Together, they explore the idea of refreshing our faith by going back and taking another look at the Bible passages, beliefs, and church practices that we've all heard a million times.

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Real FM Rewind Real FM Rewind

Hit the rewind button to catch up and go deeper with Real FM! On A-Side, you’ll hear weekly highlights from Real FM Radio shows like Afternoons with Ansen & Kara, Middays with Isaac, and more. On B-Side, your favorite Real FM radio hosts will press rewind together and take a deeper dive into their favorite songs and stories from the past week.

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The Really Real Podcast The Really Real Podcast

The Really Real Podcast was the first podcast from Real FM. Join Ansen, Kara, and Isaac as they sit down for a drink and some refreshingly honest conversation about real life. Topics covered include daily living, pop-culture, current events, and faith... with plenty of silliness included.

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