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Hit the rewind button to catch up and go deeper with Real FM! On A-Side, you’ll hear weekly highlights from Real FM Radio shows like Afternoons with Ansen & Kara, Middays with Isaac, and more. On B-Side, your favorite Real FM radio hosts will press rewind together and take a deeper dive into their favorite songs and stories from the past week.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 9

Today we're looking back at John Williams scoring our lives as we walk around the Star Wars world, Instagram fighting the bot war, and the fact that Fallout 76 is getting completely ignored. Let’s jump in.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 8

Today we're looking back at Detective Pikachu, an app that’s giving sight to the blind, Facebook is now getting flak for deleting posts, Monopoly for Millennials, and a non profit has released the creepiest gifts this year.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 7

Today we're looking back at the tiny little election that everyone forgot that we had this week, ASMR videos are now merging with “unboxing” videos, an alien probe definitely passed us recently, and foldable smartphones.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 6

Today we're looking back at Halloween, and why your Halloween candy from yesterday isn't poisoned, and probably never was ever. Also the new round of emojis are here and FINALLY a minority population is getting represented-shout out to the gingers.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 5

Today, we’re talking about Netflix giving the ax to Marvel’s shows on their streaming service, Uber getting really excited about flying robots, a study from Holiday Inn that basically says we’re all liars, and the Vatican releasing a clone of...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 4

This weekend we’re talking about a new feature coming soon to Facebook messenger to undo all of our mistakes-or at least the ones we make in messenger, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced a lil baby.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 3

Today were’ talking about all the things: Kanye's wild week on social media and SNL, the ultimate bro that got a flight diverted, and the new Star Wars series covering the ultimate warrior culture. Get your Ketchup.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 2

Today were’ talking about all the things: the Todd Philip’s Joker Movie with Joaquin Phoenix, how Facebook is having a huge role in the unrest in Myanmar, and how Google Maps is letting your friends vote on where to eat.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 1

This is Weekend Ketchup (formerly Wake Up) with Isaac! This is a 15ish minute roundup of the stuff you missed this week in news, tech, nerd, and pop culture stuff.