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Hit the rewind button to catch up and go deeper with Real FM! On A-Side, you’ll hear weekly highlights from Real FM Radio shows like Afternoons with Ansen & Kara, Middays with Zoe, and more. On B-Side, your favorite Real FM radio hosts will press rewind together and take a deeper dive into their favorite songs and stories from the past week.


Today we're looking back at Facebook’s newest patented technology and all the scary implications that are about to keep me up at night, including the newest superman adaptation that takes a few beats from The Omen.


Today we're looking back MIB's reboot, MoviePass announcing that they're making 2019 their #ComebackYear, and Netflix buying a show that we've all seen a hundred times. Also, Ansen got a burger in a parking lot for a penny. Let’s jump in.


Today we're looking back at the new Lion King trailer, the family that got shattered when an uncle took a DNA test, and people naming their babies after Fortnite characters... yeah. Let’s jump in.