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As a first time expecting mom, I am very aware that babies require a lot of diapers. We've already started buying them before our boys even arrive! I did some research and found that 1 in 3 families in the US have a diaper need.


Do you have to get up before 11am? Sorry, we don't like it either. But now your mornings will be a little brighter thanks to Real FM's newest show.  Starting TODAY, catch the creatively named "Mornings" (we workshopped that for a while) with Brant and Sherri every day of the week from 7am to 11am.


When you know you’re loved, it changes everything.  Because when you know you’re loved, you’re free to share that love.  This month, Real FM is inviting you to share Letters of Love with senior citizens in our community, both those living in nursing homes or homebound. Time to get out the glue sticks and scissors and get crafty.


Hey there, it's Isaac from Middays.  I've got some free concert tickets to give away! Needtobreathe and Switchfoot are coming to the AMP on October 19th.  I KNOW. I want you to be there. So quick, before they shut me down, here's how you get entered to win.


Justin, Staff Chaplain at Real FM, offers some insight on the powerful but simple act of hospitality, and Jesus' invitation to all of us to better love our neighbors.


Last week, Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Louisiana coast as a massive Category 4 storm and caused immense destruction as it came ashore. Thousands of people along the Gulf Coast have had their lives turned upside down because of the storm.


Justin, Staff Chaplain for Real FM, is back with another idea for loving our neighbors this week: through simple acts of serving. Join us this week in seeking out opportunities to serve your neighbor.


Continuing our series on learning the art of neighboring, Justin, Staff Chaplain at Real FM, shares a story about Tom.  Tom reminded Justin how impactful words can be.


Justin, staff chaplain at Real FM, shares an encounter at a coffee shop that reminded him of how important knowing your neighbor's name can be.


Every day is a good day to be a good neighbor.  To the person who lives next door, the one who sits next to you in class, or the one who hands you your cup of coffee. Just like anything, learning how to be a good neighbor takes practice.