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In light of Holy Week, we were reminded of just how much good news there is in the gospel. There is so much for each of us and all of us to appreciate and apply. In fact, each section of that blog article might be worth another look for each of us in some way.


The two pillars of the church calendar have got to be Christmas and Easter. Christ’s coming and rising are immeasurably significant events historically and spiritually that we celebrate each year. But do we give Christmas and Easter the same emphasis culturally? I think it’s pretty clear that our appreciation is lopsided.


There is no feat of humanity’s mind, heart, soul, or strength that can help us reach God. It all falls short no matter how formidable it might seem—the mind’s highest thoughts, the heart’s most passionate experiences, the soul’s deepest intuition, the body’s greatest achievements. No, God is higher, richer, deeper, greater.


Each New Year we hit the reset button as a culture and consider again who we’ve been, who we are, and who we’d like to be in the next year. First, we reflect on how we want to reset in 2022 and begin trying to live that out.


Each January we get an opportunity to reset our lives.  I can’t help but think of the reset button on my original Nintendo back in the day. I would press that reset button so much to try to get those game cartridges to work properly.


There are lingering concerns about Covid to be sure, but it also seems like we are emerging from the pandemic and at least some of the fallout—like a bear might emerge from its hibernation. We’re entering the winter season on the one hand, and yet on the other hand we are emerging from the winter that was Covid.


‘Tis the season of vacation time.  Or, at least looking at the time-off we have left at work and wondering how we are going to use it. More likely, we’re wondering if we are going to use it and how much we’ll be leaving on the table.  Apparently, studies reveal that our nation is not great at resting.


Psalm 34 and 145 are two of my favorite Psalms. If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably hit the eject button and choose Psalm 107. Take a moment to remember the presence of God and read these verses.


Have you ever considered yourself or someone else “far from God?” In fact, take a moment. Who comes to your mind right now when you think of someone who is “far from God?” What is the “kind of person” you might consider “furthest from God?”.


When you consider that God is all-powerful, or omnipotent, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the vastness of creation and the immense power we find in nature—an erupting volcano, a pride of lions, or the mass and energy of a star. Considering these things can be humbling let alone the even greater God who formed and holds them all.