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Check out our fresh finds for this week and let us know what you think! Listen to some fire new tracks from Rosa Linn, Lathan Warlick, The Young Escape, Gio, and Kings Kaleidsocope.


February is here! We're keeping the new music coming with our February Fresh Finds. Without further ado, here's 5 Real FM Fresh Finds you need to hear this week.


Happy New Year! Here at Real FM, we're celebrating the calendar flipping over to 2022 in the only way we know how: with some certified bangers! We've got a great selection of Real FM Fresh Finds for you this week.  Here's our five newest tracks that you absolutely need to hear.


We've got some fire beats in our Fresh Finds playlist this week, including some refreshing and positive new sounds from Twenty One Pilots and Justin Bieber, and an introduction to a new artist to Real FM, Asher Postman. So without further ado, let's dive in!.


Who knew that a recipe for a hit in 2019 would include Kygo, Whitney Houston, and Steve Winwood? Yep, that's happening.  How? Let's break it down. Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" hit #1 all the way back in 1986. Whitney Houston apparently thought so, and recorded a cover of the tune back in 1990.


Let's time travel for a second: it's 2013, and you might be in college or maybe even wrapping up high school (if you were any younger please don't tell me, I already feel like a dinosaur at 25).   A lot went down that year.


Summer is heating up – literally. But if you're a hip-hop fan, the beats are heating up as well.  Just as Lecrae recently hinted on Instagram, 116 dropped their new Summer '19 Playlist today. Like last year's summer playlist, it's not technically an album, but rather a massive collection of 14 singles from 37 Reach Records artists.