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For a while now, being a Kanye West fan has felt like living in a really beautiful, really earthquake-prone area. Instability punctuates the beauty, and there’s always this sense of “things are great for now, at least.


So the last I saw Tony Stark  ahem, Robert Downey Jr, he was whacking Thanos upside the head and saving the universe as we know it. And it was rad.


If I traveled back to 2009 and told you that in just 10 years, we'd have flame-throwing drones, a group of people committing to storm Area 51, and a moon named "Geoff," what would you say? No, seriously what would you say, because I'm speechless.


If you need some wholesome content to pick you up on your Monday, we've got just the thing for you.  The official trailer for the upcoming Mister Rogers Movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, was released today! Tom Hanks stars as Mister Rogers, and if the trailer is any indication, he's going to be absolutely perfect for the role.