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This is your spoiler free review of the second part to the recent sci fi saga, Dune. Zoe is very biased on this one since she is a huge fan of sci fi, fantasy, world-building, and the director Denis Villeneuve. So for her, this was a highly anticipated sequel... and you shouldn't walk into a theater with expectations, but lucky for her this sequel was three-hours well spent. However, this may not be everyone's thing, and the film is rated a "hard" pg-13 with intense violence and direct intimacy inferences. In Reel 2, Zoe hopes to dive into the director's style, "show not tell" in storytelling, and whether art in cinema can be style over substance... By the way, welcome to Reel Review! This is where Zoe helps answer the question, "Should I see this?" and invites you into a deeper conversation about the story's themes and message. Let us know what movies you want to get the reel review treatment!