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Welcome to Reel Review! This is where Zoe helps answer the question, "Should I see this?" and invites you into a deeper conversation about the story's themes and message. This is Reel 2, where Zoe and her special guest, mega-fan of Godzilla, Sam, dive into the Godzilla franchise and discuss the historical and cultural significance of the franchise and what it means for this movie: Godzilla Minus One (2023). The first Godzilla movie came out in 1954, and this movie was made in honor of the 70th anniversary of the character. Within those decades, Godzilla has been in 38 films, 33 of which are from Japan. This movie in particular highlights the weight of war's destruction, both on the physical and emotional level. SPOILER warning!! And if you haven't seen this film, both Zoe and Sam highly recommend it, even if you aren't a Godzilla fan.