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The book of Psalms is so entertaining to me because, regardless of what translation I experience it through, the imagery evoked and the beautiful poetry and songs bring about such an intense feeling every time. Whether it’s NIV or The Message (controversial for some, I know), the experience of reading heartfelt laments, words of praise, and experiences of sorrow… it’s always incredible. It’s my favorite, and probably my least understood book of the Bible.

Psalm 36:5.
Your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens! Your faithfulness stretches to the clouds! (NIV)

God’s love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic - (The Message)

Isn’t that an incredibly loving, heartfelt way to essentially just say “God, you have big, big love.” It’s the finite writing a love letter to the infinite. Even at its most complex, flowery prose we could offer, to God it’s still a baby barely squeaking out “Da-da.” Psalm 36:5 has me as the reader looking up to the heavens and trying to give back a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the love I cannot possibly comprehend. Isn’t that cool. 

As I read verses like this, one of my favorite things to do as I reflect on them is ask myself “how would Isaac write this?” It helps me really take a moment to pause and think about what the specific scripture means to me, and to explore the context around it for clues as to what I would be feeling... 

At the risk of butchering David’s incredible work, I think if I were the author of Psalm 36:5 it would look something like this:
“God, I cannot possibly understand the love You have for me. Others break promises and hurt me, and You remain.”

How would you write your love letter to God today? Take a moment to ground yourself in where you’re at with God: utterly, completely and totally covered in love that you don’t deserve. What do you say to that? It won’t be perfect, but David gave us a pretty good prompt. Give it a shot.