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Psst. Are you over this yet? Because we're soooo over it. I'm so ready to get out and eat some chips and salsa with my friends again.

But for now this is the world we live in, and we're here to help you survive it. The first way we do that is by providing awesome music you can listen to while you're stuck at home to keep you motivated and sane. It's super easy to listen on the Real FM app! You can even blast it through the whole house on your smart speaker.

In addition to that, we wanted to give you a little something extra to help you survive quarantine. So we raided the promotions closet, and we want to send you some Real FM swag! We've got hats, shirts, stickers... and you never know... we might even throw in a random item off of Isaac's desk. (What? He's not there right now... he won't miss it.)

That's our part, so now here's your part. Pull out your phone and download the Real FM App (for iPhone or for Android). Tap on "Shout Out" and record a message telling us you downloaded the app (be sure to include your name and phone number).

That's it! Seriously... what are you waiting for?